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Naked British Woman Takes Weird Fall During Stairway Sex

ADEJE, Tenerife ~ (Think Spain) ~ A naked British woman fell from a stairway landing while having sex with her husband and got her foot stuck in the bannister below them.

The strange incident occurred early in the morning hours of Saturday, November 19th, when the amorous couple was having a sexual encounter in the stairwell of their apartment complex. The 49-year-old vidtim, identified only by the initials A.M. was having sex with her husband against the bannister. In a fit of frenzied passion the woman lost her grip (or something like that) and plummeted toward the ground.

A.M.'s fall was stopped abruptly when her right ankle became wedged in the bars of the handrail several yards below their original position. As a result of the sudden stop, A.M. was left hanging upside down, naked, inches from the ground floor with her husband trying to figure out how to free her. He eventually had to call for help and firefighters, local and national police responded to the call. The responders had to cut through the bars of the bannister to free her trapped leg; the woman suffered a fractured ankle and was treated at a local hospital. As a twist of fate, the siren on the ambulance was reportedly not working, so the couple were taken to the hospital surrounded by a police escort.

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