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N.Y. Thieves Arrested After Pocket Dialing 911

CLAY, New York“Psst... We Hear you” –A New York man who accidentally pocket dialed 911 while driving around with a car full of stolen goods was arrested  after police heard him discussing future crimes with his accomplices.

Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh says police already looking for a suspicious person got the unlikely assist when one of the men "pocket dialed" his cellphone's emergency number while driving near the scene of an earlier heist.

The dispatcher, who realized what was going on, relayed the conversation back to deputies as she heard the men discussing their future crime plans, described their surroundings and even commented, "There go the cops now."

The three unidentified men were arrested and charged with grand larceny after deputies stopped the Kia Sportage and found it loaded down with tools stolen from a Syracuse business.

The call was still connected when the deputy asked for license and registration.

At the time of this report it was not known if the three men had been released on bail or if they had retained a lawyer.

For those paying attention, this is not the first time an accidental 911 call made news. Last week, a Massachusetts home called emergency services on its own after a busted water pipe had short-circuited the phone system bringing stunned town officials to its rescue.

Perhaps these haphazard criminals should learn to work their cell phones before planning their next big heist. Remember, attention is in the details.

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