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Mixing It Up: TBS in the Late Night Show Race

In the words made famous at race tracks all around the country... “And they're off!” The countdown to the newest addition to the late night showdown, CONAN, which premiers November 8th at 11pm on TBS, has begun. In fact, the largely popular fan-club turned official cheerleader since the dawn of O'Brian's NBC fiasco, has even provided us with a countdown clock streaming live by the second (for those of you who, well, to put it gently, have less than a busy schedule). The website will also be airing a live test web version of CONAN dubbed 'Show Zero' tonight (11/1) online at 11pm EST. There still has been no announcement of guests in store but we are sure to see the familiar face of co-host and sidekick Andy Richter back next to his red-headed buddy.

Of course, the current eleven o'clock TBS time slot belongs to funny man George Lopez who will be moving his show, Lopez Tonight, back to the midnight hour. Executive producer, Robert Morton, told Entertainment Weekly recently that Lopez Tonight will now be given the chance to shoot in a more standard late night format. Before, Lopez would play around for a couple of hours before the show was eventually edited for broadcast. Alternatively, Morton says “We have to make it feel like it’s happening now, live. It has to have that pace.” Also, look out for some upcoming aesthetic changes made to the set itself. The show is even going to change the filming time from 4:30pm to 5:30pm to attract “better audiences” who get more into the “night-out experience”.

Michael Wright, who's the head of programming for TBS, says he “expects {CONAN} to be competitive” when it comes to the ratings as it is in fact pitted against Comedy Central's award winning The Daily Show.

So in a nutshell, here's what we got: No shortage in late-night laugh choices as TBS steps up their comedy game. It will be fun to check out the much-anticipated ratings to unveil who's tickling the most funny bones. Anyone friends with Nielsen?

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