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Mila Kunis Phone Hacked-Photos Of Justin Timberlake Leaked

Scarlett Johansson isnt alone in the string of celebrity phone hacks. She is now joined by Mila Kunis, the star of Black Swan and recently Friends With Benefits. There are no nude photos of Kunis, however there are a few of Justin Timberlake in a few compromising poses.

According to Perez Hiltons website, a contact states I have 3 pictures of Justin Timberlake that were sent to Mila Kunis. In one of the pics he has Mila Kunis pink panties over his head and in the second pic he poses in a bed. In another one he sent a picture of his penis, unfortunately without his face there.

There is supposedly a photo of Kunis in a bathtub but her body is not visible.

Also, according to Perez Hilton, there may be copies of Kunis text message conversations, which may be explicit in nature.

The hacker is offering to sell the photos but so far there have been no buyers. Kunis has not been reached for comment.

A ring of Hollywood hackers was supposed to be close to defeat in March according to the New York Post and TMZ. Vanessa Hudgens, who had been hacked, had a sit down with the FBI to assist in ascertaining how her Gmail account had been hacked. At the time Scarlett Johansson had her iPhone hacked at the time as well.

According to TMZ, over 50 celebrities have been hacked. If any of these hacks are related to a ring of Hollywood hackers, it seems that they are still very much at large.

Other recent hacks include photos of Blake Lively and the rapper Kreayshawn.

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