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Medieval Swedish Skeleton House Hits Market

STOCKHOLM, Sweden ~ (The Local) ~ Jet-setting millionaires and billionaires will do almost anything to make there vacation houses unique.  It’s a little small and in a cold part of the world but do you suppose that any celebrity would want a home with their very own built-in skeleton?

Lady Gaga, I’m looking your way.

A Swedish real estate company has just put an insane and one of a kind piece of property on the market.  Included in the description of the stony abode are five bedrooms, a medieval tomb and an actual human skeleton.

The town house stands in the center of the town of Visby on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea.  It was constructed in 1750 on the former grounds of a Russian church.  Where the kitchen is, a presbytery used to be.  Where the cellar is, an ancient crypt used to be.  All things considered, it’s very cozy.

The 800-year-old Russian remains are visible through a glass panel in the floor.

The real estate agency’s owner, Leif Bertwig, insists that there is no reason to be disturbed by the skeleton.  According to him, “The man is resting in consecrated, sacred ground so his soul definitely rests at peace.”

The starting price for the property, including the home, the tomb and the 800-year-old skeleton in the cellar is 4.1 million kronor and some change or about 640 thousand American dollars.

So far there is no word on who is interested in the property or how high the actual price will rise.

Photo Credit: The Local

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