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Meat Sucker Anyone?

COMSTOCK PARK, Mich. ----“Meat Sucker” Our odd and usual stories about food this week bring us to Comstock, Michigan, where the West Michigan Whitecaps baseball team is considering adding bologna lollipops to their stadium menu.

Park Officials set up a website to allow visitors to vote on potential ballpark menu items for the 2011 season. One of those would include a piece of bologna on a stick.

The proposed meat sucker would consist of a 5-inch diameter, 1-inch thick slice of fried bologna on a stick.

For those of you seeking more traditional food fare, the park is also taking votes on other items such as, as a hot dog topped with duck meat and frog legs, a bacon-topped hamburger on a honey bun, a burrito containing hamburger meat with macaroni and cheese, a meat and potato parfait, a meat salad, a bacon-wrapped "Sonoran dog," and a 5,630 calorie-meal featuring spaghetti and meatballs spread on a 16-inch loaf of garlic bread.

Health conscience park goers can vote for the "Chicks with Sticks" meal featuring fresh vegetables cut into sticks with ranch dressing or hummus for dipping.

"The Whitecaps have always provided unique food items at Fifth Third Ballpark along with the standard ballpark fare. For the second year, we are letting you, the fans, help us choose a new food item to serve up for 2011," the team said on the Web site.

To cast your vote for the items listed above check out the team site by clicking HERE.

Fans have until March 4, to vote so log on and cast your vote and don’t forget the antacid.

Happy Eating suckers.

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