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Meat Loaf With A Side Of Lawsuit Anyone?

Before you start salivating, we’re talking about the singer… not the occasionally borderline editable entrée. The musical meat (real name, Micahel Aday) is up in arms over the well-known Meat Loaf impersonator, Dean Torkington. According to TMZ reports, the singer is claiming Aday “hijacked the website and is refusing to hand it over.”

The lawsuit filed in federal court states, “Torkington registered in ‘bad faith,’ and has since exploited the domain name to mislead and confuse Meat Loaf fans into thinking he's the real singer.” How terrible! Think of all the confused people skewering the Internet trying to find the true Meat Loaf! To be quite honest… I would think having an extra guy running around the country tricking people into thinking this 70’s sensation is still as hot as he was in “Rocky Horror Picture Show” wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Even Bush had someone running around picking up the slack! And Cheney didn’t even look like him!

According to the report, “Torkington uses the website to promote his act -- called ‘To Hell and Back: A Tribute to Meat Loaf.’ Dear God! But is the dude breaking any actual laws… or just feelings? “Meat Loaf claims Torkington -- who's based in the UK -- has no right to own or use the domain name, and is currently breaking the law by cybersquatting ... in violation of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. Meat Loaf wants Torkington to shut down his website and hand over the domain. He also wants $100,000 in damages.”

Obviously, Torkington has not replied yet. But when he does, I imagine he’ll respond like a ‘Bat Out Of Hell!’ Let’s all be like Dean and sing this in your best Meatloaf voice:

“…And I would do anything for love… but I’m still suing you.”

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