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Mass. Church Calendar Features Nude Seniors [Video]

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. –A Church in Massachusetts said a calendar featuring primarily nude, male seniors has been an effective way to raise funds for their congregation.

The First Parish in Framingham, a Unitarian Universalist congregation, said about two dozen elderly members of their church have posed nude for the “Celebration 2012 Calendar,” according to the Boston Globe.

The nude seniors pose with various items strategically covering their private parts, according to the report.

“These are people who were involved for many years in our community, and they got involved with the project to help out,” said Eva Benda, who coordinates marketing for the church. “And they bared all. And it’s wonderful.”

Janet Drake, 76, was Miss June in the 2006 version of the calendar and is making a return to the 2012 version as the only female in the calendar. Drake nude image was photographed by nude photographer Walter Barker, 81. Barker said it was his idea to involved Drake in this year’s calendar as a way of tying the male calendar together with the 2006 version.

“I did this just for the fun of it and to support the church,” Barker said.

The elderly nude calendar has become something of a sensation since the 2006 version. Benda said about half of the original print run on $2,000 have been sold for $15 apiece, with orders coming as far away as Ireland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

“The message is really what is compelling about the calendar,’’ Benda said. “It celebrates aging well, lives well lived, being vibrant and engaged.’’

The calendar features the men, ages 64 to 87, in tasteful and whimsical poses that highlight their interests, such as music, tennis, motorcycles, gardening, fishing, and golf. The models for both calendars are highly respected members of the community, including teachers, a retired minister, and a former selectwoman, Esther Hopkins.

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