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Mariah Carey Finally Confirms Worst Kept Secret: She’s Pregnant

Not only has it been speculated for months now, but did you really think we wouldn’t notice Mariah? It’s the first time in years we’ve seen you wearing normal clothes and not second-skin spandex mini-dresses with stilettos. Cheers to the baby that has given you a little fashion sense…at least for nine months anyway.

Yes, we are pregnant. This is true,” Mariah Cary, 41, informed the Today show. "It's been a long journey. It's been tough because I've been trying to hold on to a shred of privacy." The journey may have been long, but it’s obviously been fruitful considering she’s landed both a baby and a three-part Access Hollywood interview.

Cha-ching Mariah junior.

Hubby Nick Cannon, 30, also played up the interview by adding that, “the greatest gift on earth is a child,” and gushing that “She [Mariah] is very nurturing. She's nurturing with me and makes me breakfast at anytime and that's my favorite food. It would be like 3 o'clock in the morning and she will still make me waffles. She'll be the best mom."

Down boy. You already got the interview and most likely a signing bonus for the first pictures of the baby. Don’t be going overboard.

Plus it’s no surprise. Over the past few months the couple has been talking about their desire for children and of course, we’ve been watching Mariah’s expanding stomach and even bigger bosom. Supposedly her superstitious nature was the reason she waited to announce the news. That or she just hadn’t found the highest bidder.

Either way we wish the happy couple a healthy child and will soon confirm whether rumors that a baby boy is on the way are actually true. Stay tuned.

Written by K. Politis

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