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Man Tries To Sober Up From Bath Salts By Drinking Hand Sanitizer

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky ~ (WDRB-TV/AOL News) ~ A man who was allegedly extremely high tried an untested method of getting clean by drinking hand sanitizer in a local grocery store.

According to a police report, Bahad Mahmoud was reportedly high on bath salts, a street name for a law-skirting legal hallucinogen, when he was spotted gulping down hand sanitizer straight off the shelf in a Kroger supermarket on June 11th. When police arrived at the scene, they found Mahmoud had walked to a nearby parking lot and was yelling loudly. The suspect bolted from the scene, and an officer in pursuit used a Taser to subdue Mahmoud, who also spat at the officer. The cop also injured his thumb during the detaining, TV station WDRB reported.

For his wild ride, Mahmoud was charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and fleeing the scene. AOL News was able to obtain Mahmoud's lengthy rap sheet; since 2004, Mahmoud has been picked up for drug dealing, trespassing, reckless driving, jumping bail and other terroristic threatening.  A Department of Corrections spokesman identified him as "a frequent flier".

Photo credit: Louisville Metro Department of Corrections

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