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Man Pulls Shotgun At Taco Bell After Shorted On Hot Sauce

LEE’S SUMMIT, MO ~(KCTV)~ Everyone gets upset when Taco Bell forgets to give them hot sauce right?  I mean you’ve already made the decision to have fast food for lunch, dinner or whatever the meal is called at 4a.m.

A Missouri man now faces 10 years in prison for pulling a 12-gague shotgun on a Taco Bell employee.

Jeremy Combs, aged 30, was drunk right before midnight on Saturday and decided to order food through a Taco Bell drive through, according to court documents.

When Combs arrived home he noticed that is order was missing hot sauce, which he specifically requested.  Combs so infuriated he grabbed his 12-gague and headed back to Taco Bell.

A drive-through employee was handed Combs order and then witness Combs reaching in his car for a shotgun.  There were shells near the gun.  The employee fled the window.

Police arrived at Combs residence and found him to be intoxicated.  At first he denied returning to Taco Bell but eventually admitted that he had taken a tire iron and his return trip.

There is one problem with Comb’s story, the surveillance tape clearly shows him reaching for his shotgun and pointing it at the Taco Bell employee.

The shotgun was found in Comb’s bedroom.  It was loaded.  Court records state that Combs admitted he bought the gun from a drug house.

This wasn’t Combs first run in with the law; he has been previously convicted of felony possession of a firearm in federal court, according to the US attorney’s office.

Seems like a pretty extreme reaction to not receiving hot sauce.  Maybe keeping extra packets around the house is a good idea?

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