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Man In Cow Suit Steals 26 Gallons Of Milk

NORTH STAFFORD, Virginia ~ ( ~ Nobody really knows the reason, but a man dressed in a cow costume entered a Wal*Mart store and carted out 26 gallons of milk.

18-year-old Jonathan Payton donned a cow costume and didn't walk but crawled into a Wal*Mart store around 10:35pm on the night of May 3rd. Store security told police he found a shopping cart and pushed it over to the dairy section. Payton was then caught on surveillance video loading 26 1-gallon containers- about $95 work of milk -into the shopping cart and rolling it out of the store. A manager called 911 to report the larceny.

Stafford County Sheriff spokesman Bill Kennedy said, at one point, they received a report of a man in a cow suit trying to give away free milk to customers. A deputy answered the call, and shortly afterward another reoprt came in about a disturbance at a McDonald's restaurant located across the street. Three cars awaited the officer in the parking lot, and while questioning people he noticed one man looked very similar to the man stealing milk on the Wal*Mart video tape.

The deputy took Payton back to the Wal*Mart where he was identified as the cow culprit, According to Kennedy. He was issued a summons for shoplifting and released on his own recognizance. As for the milk, it and the cow costume were found by the store manager sitting in the shopping cart in the parking lot. No word as to whether it was whole or skimmed milk.

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