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Man High On Meth Fails To Have Sex With Cat, Throws Out Window

Council Bluffs, Iowa ~ (KCCI-Des Moines) ~ An Iowa resident was recently arrested after he threw a cat out of a seventh-floor apartment with his pants down.  According to his confession, the man was high on methamphetamines and was attempting to have sex with his cat.

On the morning of Wednesday August 3rd police officers were called to the residence of 455 W. Broadway in Council Bluffs to investigate a someone heaving a cat out of a window and exposing himself.  Police later found the gray cat, bleeding and having trouble breathing.  Sadly, the cat later died.

Eyewitness reports informed police that, indeed, a man had exposed himself to them and tossed the cat out of the window.

Officers determined the apartment from which the cat was thrown and contacted the resident inside.

A 29-year old man, identified as Gerardo Martinez, opened the apartment door with his pants down.  Police insisted he pull his pants up and inquired about the feline.

At first Martinez denied having a cat but did own up to smoking methamphetamine.  Later Martinez changed his story and claimed that his boyfriend threw the cat out of the window three hours prior.

When police informed Martinez that the cat had been thrown out much sooner than three hours ago, he confessed to attempting to have sex with the cat and then throwing it out the window, along with a pornographic DVD.

Martinez turned 30 in Pottawattomie County Jail having been charged with animal torture, bestiality and indecent exposure.

Martinez faces up to five years in jail if he is convicted.

Photo Credit: KETV-Omaha

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