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Luxurious Casino Navigation: Yeah, There’s An App For That

It seems like every time you turn around, someone or something is launching a new smartphone application. In keeping with this tech-obsessed trend, The Venetian and The Palazzo has pooled their script-writing ability and launched “The Venetian | The Palazzo Pocket Concierge (TM),” the resorts’ mobile app available on both Apple and Android platforms.

Reported earlier via Marketwatch, “VP Pocket Concierge(TM) offers the hospitality industry's most dynamic indoor ‘wayfinding’ technologies.” What the hell is that, you say? Exactly what you think…merely a fancy word for real time directions. The reason this app is so anticipated is because it will allow users to navigate a campus that spans more than 16 million square feet. “Guests can now navigate throughout the resorts' multi-level complex with convenient turn-by-turn directions while browsing the interactive map or searching through a list of resort landmarks.” Yup, sounds amazing… but I still much prefer the method of shouting questions at random people until I reach my goal. “VP Pocket Concierge allows users to easily locate restaurants, gaming areas, guest suites, nightlife venues, meeting spaces, pools, spa and other facilities including restrooms, nearest exits, parking facilities, ATMs, concierge and the front desk.” Again, yelling is unbelievably efficient!

The technology itself was developed and is powered by “Meridian – a mobile-software developer known for its location-based services.” Now here’s the only issue I have with the application. It’s this statement right here: “A virtual tour section allows users to experience guest suites just like being there.” Okay kids… I’m calling bulls**t! People need to stop depending on technology to experience the world and actually get off their asses and go make some real memories. Technology should be used as an enhancement to our lives… not a replacement!

VP Pocket Concierge can be downloaded complimentary at Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad platforms.

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