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Long Island Serial Killer Still on the Loose

The search is still on for Shannon Gilbert since back in December of 2010 after she went missing in May.  Gilbert was last seen heading to Fire Island in New Jersey to meet a man who responded to her Craigslist ad.

In December 2010 the search began and two bodies were discovered on the beach, two days later more bodies were found.  The remains were badly decomposed and police say they have been there for at least 18 months.  None of the bodies were identified as Shannon Gilbert, which led the police to begin a massive search along the long stretch of highway along Jones Beach.

As of today at least 10 bodies have been recovered - one of which is believed to be that of an infant child.  The infant was found along with four other bodies, all female, so it is being speculated that the child belonged to one of the women and was with the woman when she was murdered. All of the women are believed to be prostitutes advertising their services on craigslist.

According to inside police sources the suspect in these cases could have a police background, either a  former police officer or current.  The bodies were all found nude and have been cleaned of all evidence, they were killed over a long period of time and were all women who might not be missed so easily.  But, this does not necessarily mean the killer has a police background, with all the crime shows and books, it is very possible for someone to know basic procedures and you can even buy a book that tells you how to commit the perfect murder.  Since getting so much attention in the media there has been some signs of arrogance, calls have been made to family members of the victims from the victims cell phones.  Calls have been made to the younger sister of victim Melissa Barthelemy but, police have had no luck tracing any of them.  The caller calls from crowed areas, one call coming from Time Square, so they are harder to trace and surveillance is nearly impossible,  he says very little, and stays on the line for less than 3 minutes.

In my opinion, after following this case closely I believe that this man is very intelligent but I don't believe he is a cop.  I think he is a man who appears normal and probably lives a normal life, maybe even having a family.  And, I think there will be more bodies found.  I don't think he is done yet, nor do I believe he will be caught until he wants to be caught.  From what we know of past serial killers he is very narcissistic and does eventually want to be caught, he wants to be famous.

As of right now, Shannon Gilbert is still missing.

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