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Lindsay Attempts Daring Rehab Escape to Get Soda

Just when you thought the saga of Lindsay Lohan could not get any stranger, Lindsay decides to surprise you and throw in that much more crazy.

Recently, Lohan was caught trying to sneak out of Betty Ford clinic to get her Diet Coke on. was able to confirm that the Hollywood party girl attempted to flee the Betty Ford grounds to get into the nearby Eisenhower Medical Center. Whether she thought she’d go unnoticed there or not is up to speculation.

She almost made it, too—sadly, her accomplice was her downfall: her clothing got caught on a fence and got them caught. "Lindsay and her co-conspirator were forced to give it up and flag down a volunteer, who was crossing the center's grounds on a golf cart," an inside source told

"The pair was safely returned, decaffeinated, to their hall, were they were the center of a process meeting over what they had done."

There is no soda at the Betty Ford clinic, where caffeinated luxuries (as well as phone calls and television) are strictly prohibited.

I’m considering heading to my local church to light a candle for this girl. May she have the strength to accept the coke she cannot have, the courage for ask for the Coke she can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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