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Life of Luxury: Pharrell and His Yacht Studio [PHOTOS]

Real estate moguls, media tycoons, royalty — generally the categories thought about when assuming and predicting luxurious yacht owners. Because I don't know if you've noticed or not, but it takes undeniable, never-ending, stupid money to snag one of those beauties, which is why when images surfaced of N.E.R.D frontman Pharrell Williams' prized procession, his yacht dubbed the RM Elegant, I along with countless other hip-hop/music lovers was surprisingly impressed.

We know that Skateboard P is indeed a household name. From the obvious music takeover, to his latest foray in film (Despicable Me), the accustomed fashion connection, and now multiple avenues of art — Pharrell is continuing to cultivate and expand his ever-growing empire. Still shocking however, that the crafty curator owns his own yacht — just is, period.

Not only does the creative juggernaut have his own mansion at sea, but it is fully equipped with a floating studio. That's right — even when Pharrell and his boys are maxing and relaxing on the water, there is always opportunity to get a little session in. Although we must warn you, you are forced to take your shoes off before entering. And no, not even Js can touch the fancy fabric on this ship. Where are you manners anyway?

So there you have it. Pharrell is doing bigger and better things than even I, an unwavering fan had even imagined. So props to P and his ongoing accomplishments. And to you, I've awarded with you the chance to be envious, as the images of P's monster dweller are featured below.

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