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Laid Off Canadian Workers Hit $7 Million Jackpot

Ottawa, Canada ~ (CBC) ~ A motley crew of laid off Ottawa manufacturing plant employees’ luck just made a bee line towards a better future.  The same day their company announced huge layoffs a group of workers scored the jackpot, literally.

Eighteen workers at SMART Technologies, 10 of whom got laid off during the Wednesday firings, hit the $7 million Lotto 6/49 prize.

One of the employees, Colin Willard, who had just returned to work following a back injury, was shocked when the news of layoffs rocked the plant on Wednesday.  Willard had only been back to work for a week after being out for his injury for six months.

Willard was the first to discover that the workers had won.  On Thursday morning he came upon the winning ticket.

“I had to get out and tell some people that were in, and no one believed me,” said Willard.

Following their shift Willard and his co-worker Tony Mather celebrated with a drink of scotch.

“We all know that $400,000 doesn’t make you rich.  That comfort zone for the rest of your life is the nice story,” said the humble and realistic Mather.

The Ontario Lottery confirmed Thursday’s win by a group from Ottawa.

Next the group will needed to fly to Ontario to complete the verification process for claiming a lotto win.

SMART Technologies laid off a total of 200 workers at this particular plant in Ottawa.  The plant previously employed about 300 workers.

The company is moving most of its manufacturing to Mexico.

The group of lotto winners left on Friday August 12th to verify their winnings.

Photo Credit: CBC

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