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Lady Loses Boa and Finds Large Cleaning Bill

Whatís the big stink? Itís an every day occurrence. A woman takes her boa constrictor onto public transit and she goes for a little slither. For a month.

Penelope is only three feet long. She took refuge beneath a transport carriage on the Boston Red Line on January 6, 2011 while traveling underground. In February Penelope was spotted on a carriage by a local commuter.

It was reported by the Boston Globe that some passengers complained to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority that they had health concerns. Only health concerns? Nothing mentioned about safety? Boas are one of the largest species of snake on the planet. They are not venemos, but they can be deadly. Perhaps Penelope found a healthy diet of mice and rats while under-carriage?

At any rate, Penelopeís ride will cost her owner a small fortune. Ms. Moorhouse is to pay for the cleaning and sanitizing costs on the Red Line. The fear and potential risk is apparently salmonella and other germ infestations. The fee for such services? $650.

Think again you snake-owing-public-transport riders before you jump onboard with your boa constrictors and snakes. It could turn out to be an expensive ride. I would also be wary if I were thinking about taking my pet gerbil for a ride. Or even Fifi. Who knows, Penelope may be hiding. Ms. Moorhouse did state that she will take closer care when riding with Penelope in the future.


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