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Lady Gaga Lights Up the Stage in Las Vegas, Literally

Lights, cameras, Gaga! Last Friday at the Pearl inside the Palms Hotel and Casino Lady Gaga put on an amazing performance before thousands of screaming fans for her Monster Ball Tour. As the countdown for the show began one could see how the light displays of her stage set were mesmerizing in neon green and white lights.

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour Las Vegas
Photo by Brian Golbourne, MyVegasScene

Lady Gaga's costumes are always outlandish, provocative and unique and this concert was no different when she came out in a corsette that lit up and an outfit that had black feathers from head to toe like a crow. Throughout the show she displayed amazing energy and the crowd certainly felt it on the floor - dancing around and screaming to her hits like "Just Dance" and "Paparazzi." Her ballad "Speechless," that she wrote for her father was played on a rustic piano and the crowd sang along as they waved the lights of their cell phones in the air.

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour Las Vegas
Photo by Brian Golbourne, MyVegasScene

The show was opened by Semi Precious Weapons, an animated rock band who took the place of Kid Cudi on her Monster Ball Tour. Semi Precious Weapons interviewed with MyVegasScene shortly before taking the stage to open up for the much anticipated Lady Gaga who took the audience by storm.

It was a perfect venue to serve as a pit stop for the Monster Ball tour as there wasn't a bad seat in the house at The Pearl at The Palms. The bass from Gaga's hit singles could be felt throughout your body as you patiently waited to see what she would do next. Even though the stage was decked out in lights, lasers and crazy costumes, Gaga proved once again that she is an amazing performer without the glitz and glamor of the special effects.
Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour Las Vegas
Photo by Brian Golbourne, MyVegasScene

If you haven't seen Lady Gaga perform in person, I can honestly say that her show is a must-see! Thank you, Miss Gaga for making your Monster Ball tour come to life here in our city of Las Vegas and a special thanks to Nathalie Levey for the awesome opportunity! On behalf of your fans in Sin City and it's local "monsters", we hope to see you back soon!

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