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LA Woman Receives Botched Surgery Resulting In A Uniboob

LOS ANGELES, California ~ Dinora Rodriguez, like many other 40-year-olds turned to plastic surgery for an innocent boost to her self-confidence.  What she received was something out of a nightmare.

According to The Daily Mail, Rodriguez received a botched breast enhancement that resulted in a ‘uniboob.’  Rodriguez described the appearance of her breasts to MSNBC saying, “My breasts looked really bad…it looked like one big breast instead of two.  And the pain was terrible.”

In addition to the obvious trauma Rodriguez suffered from her severely botched breast enhancement, she also experienced excruciating pain from deep cuts that severed nerves and muscles.  ABC News reports that she was also left “with eyes that will never close all the way and no possible surgery to fix them.”  How did a breast enhancement effect Rodriguez’s eyes?  It didn’t but an unauthorized eye surgery did.

Her surgeon, who, unknown to her, had no credentials, told Rodriguez that she needed to replace her existing breast implants because they were leaking.  They weren’t leaking and didn’t need to be replaced.  Rodriguez’s doctor lied to her in order to make more money.  Soon Rodriguez would fight to get her money back.

A lawsuit followed a year of pain and suffering and was settled in Los Angeles Superior Court.  Unfortunately, Rodriguez tells ABC news that her settlement was barely enough to cover the costs of her reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a contributor for MSNBC and board-certified plastic surgeon, describes the atmosphere of LA plastic surgery, as “like the wild west there are tons of doctors performing plastic surgery procedures when they have little or no training and little to no skill.”

Now an ad featuring Rodriguez will be featured at the annual conference of the American Board of Plastic Surgery in Denver, Colorado.

Malcolm Z Roth, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons warns, “Patients are getting injured, some are dying during procedures performed by non-board-certified plastic surgeons.”

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