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Kelly Osbourne Becomes Buddies with Ex Fiancé’s Transgendered Lover

What’s worse, finding out your fiancé has been cheating on you or finding out that the third party has a penis and better boobs than you do? It’s a lose-lose situation people.

Reality star Kelly Osbourne, 25, obviously felt the pain when she found out her model fiancé, Luke Worrall, 20, was cheating on her with pre-op transsexual Elle Schneider, 22, formerly known as Reynaldo Gonzalez.

Osbourne, who went on a twitter and Facebook rampage, decided to get even by making love not war…with her ex’s ex mistress that is.

Using her social networking prowess, Osbourne reached out to Schneider and offered support and a shoulder to cry on. The two ended up hitting it off and have become close friends.

“When we realized that Luke had been two-timing us, we began bonding. I would help her out whenever she’d call me and cry or need someone to speak to, because I was the only person that she could relate to. After I ended everything with Luke, she was there for me and helped me get through it” Schneider claimed in a recent interview.

In fact, Schneider also said that they had a big laugh over some leaked nude photos of Worrall. She was also the one that publicly confirmed that it was him. “Oh, it’s him,” she said of the photos. “I would know. Kelly and I actually had a huge laugh when that came out. It was almost like a slap in the face to him -- to learn his lesson.”

Wow. Karma is sure a bitch.

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