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Kanye West Wears The Coveted "Back To The Future II" Nike Air MAG Sneakers

In case you were unaware, the famed sneakers which Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) rocked in the classic Back To The Future II flick, have now been legitimately produced by Nike. The Air MAGs were recently unveiled and then auctioned off via eBay in order to raise money for the leading actor's foundation, which is an outfit for Parkinson's Disease.

Fifty pairs of the outlandish sneakers were available for bidding, as some pairs went as high as 40k plus — yes, for a single pair of shoes. You have to remember though, these are like a trophy item to most, although some will undoubtedly don.

Of course it's no problem for celebrities such as Kanye West to drop that chunk of change (literally in their cases), as he was recently spotted wearing the highly-coveted Nikes.

Kanye isn't the only familiar face who bought into the craze. San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson (the beard) also snagged a pair and wore them in the dugout of a recent game, as well as to practice one day. Also, rapper turned actor Kid Cudi purchased himself a set as well.

So while you were probably unable to scrounge up your life savings (times ten) in order to get your own, check out Kanye and his brand spankin' new pair. Oh to be rich and powerful.

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