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Kanye West to Debut Women's Clothing Line

The speculation and rumors have since been confirmed, as rapper and equally notable fashion icon Kanye West is in fact set to reveal a women's clothing line.

The coveted cultural figure has long since been a poster child for style and fashion as he consistently stays on the up and up with the latest happenings and next "it" thing. Barring the recent fashion weeks in New York as well as Paris, details have now come to light regarding West's forthcoming collection.

Sources have disclosed that Kanye has worked under the tutelage of British knitwear designer, Louise Goldin and the line will then be subsequently manufactured by Central Saint Martins graduate students. The head of said program is the renowned Louise Wilson.

In accordance however, rumors have also been swarming as to a pair of fashion juggernauts Anna Wintour and/or Karl Lagerfeld's involvement in the process, which has since been denied.

While this is virtually all that has been revealed regarding Mr. West's upcoming high fashion line, we should expect nothing short of an outlandish collection that will probably be highly scrutinized but equally well-received. More information to follow.

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