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Kanye West Debuts Dw Women's Line in Paris [PICS]

Well, folks — the speculation was indeed true, as Kanye West debuted his first-ever women's clothing line, Dw by Kanye West, at Paris' Fashion Week, just last weekend. The multi-talented artist has long since been an icon within the fashion realm, but of course — that doesn't automatically translate into an equally amazing designer. And many critics will tell you, that such is exactly this case.

The fashion "gurus" gave Kanye's line less than stellar reviews, as most dubbed it far too busy, although I thought that was the norm in regards to high fashion. Between that and his uncharacteristic material combination (again, so say the experts), West has a long way to go before he gains notoriety amongst his stylistic peers.

And we all know that the multiple Grammy winner doesn't always take to politely to criticism, as he did indeed rip some of his naysayers at his star-studded after party.

There is one thing I believe we all can agree on — and that is that the guy scrounged together some of the hottest supermodels in the game to display his wearable works of art, many of which he sang about in his hit single, "Dior Denim Flow."

But back to the clothes — when comparing the collection against what I have seen as of late, within luxury fashion, I actually think it is far more tame and wearable than most. But what do I know? I'm just a lowly writer.

Nonetheless, props to Mr. West for yet again branching out, and best of luck to your fashion endeavors in the future.

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