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Kanye West Announces New Album to Release This Summer

Accounting for one of the most versatile and genre bending musical artists in this day and age (if you disagree, you simply haven't listened), Kanye West delivered one of the utmost memorable gems of an album in 2010, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And just a mere two months after the aforementioned project's release, the spitfire emcee and super producer is at it again, this time in Paris, France, where he just announced earlier today, via Twitter, that he is gearing to release his next album this summer. Workaholic much?

In addition to virtually no lag time in between his personal album releases, the highly anticipated, collaborative work between he and his mentor, Jay-Z, Watch The Throne, is said to be dropping in two months (via another Kanye tweet). The buzz surrounding this project has been undeniably contagious ever since its disclosing, but with the debut single, "H.A.M." having released roughly a couple weeks ago, expectations were definitely lowered in accordance. Quite frankly, as far as lyrics go, the track was far less than stellar. But being two of the most potent lyricist in the hip-hop game, I have no doubt the final product will be historic. And if not, you can make me eat my words, except I'm not writing them on a piece of paper. This is a computer screen awkward.

Anyhow, going to show you that he truly is a man that never sleeps, Kanye will continue to have an incessantly busy next several months, and we as fans (if you're not, you should be) should appreciate it with the utmost of support. Throw your diamonds in the sky.

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