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Josh Duhamel Texts His Way Right Off A Plane

We all remember our favorite flight attendant to the not-so-friendly skies, Steven Slater, whose very public Jet Blue meltdown story was splashed across national media back in August. Back then, the public was a at split decision vacillating between calling him an outcast and a hero. But, a story like this makes you wonder if the passenger he blasted just really had it coming.

Mild tempered celebrity, Josh Duhamel (“Las Vegas” most notably), was escorted off a plane by two officers on a Kentucky bound flight from New York's LaGuardia airport after ignoring a male flight attendant's three separate requests to turn off his BlackBerry, according to TMZ.

Sources report that Duhamel was spotted in the airport bar watching the Cleveland/Miami game before boarding the plane. So, chances are, he may have had some temperament altering juice flowing through his veins. One passenger told TMZ that Duhamel was "very rude" and "taunting the attendant."

I highly doubt Duhamel had to worry about being hounded for autographs or photo ops from any new fans because his stunt wound up further delaying the already tardy flight. Duhamel's rep told TMZ that the star was texting on his phone about his flight being delayed and that "he's sorry." I wonder if Duhamel was able to pull up on his BlackBerry the reason why his flight was delayed? I imagine his tweet went something like this: “Totally lame. My flight got delayed cuz some dork won't turn off his phone. Freakin' actors. Where's Tad Hamilton when you need him? Hey... Who's winning the game?”

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