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Its That Time Again 2011 Pet-A-Palooza Las Vegas

It's time once again for Mix 94.1's 12th Annual Pet-a-Palooza here in Las Vegas.  For those of you who have never attended Pet-a-Palooza then you are missing out on one of the best local events that happens here in Vegas. If you have a pet, are looking to adopt a pet, or just love animals and want to support them, then this event is for you.  And not only does a portion of  the proceeds go to the numerous animal charities throughout the valley, you get to see awesome bands all day long for only $8.00.  Now that's budget friendly.

Everyone who lives here knows all to well that our city caters to tourists and sometimes us locals feel a little left out  but, Pet-a-Palooza is entirely for us.  This year the line up is amazing. 3-time Grammy Award winning Train will be there performing hits such as Drops of Jupiter, Hey, Soul Sister, and their newest single, Marry Me.  As well as, American Idol season 7 winner, David Cook and Febe Dobson.  Opening the show is a new artist named Andy Grammer, who's single, "Keep Your Head Up", is doing quite well on the radio.

Not only is there great music there are great shows and demonstrations as well.  There will be over 50 booths set up offering various animal products and services like grooming, micro chipping, animal hospitals, rescue group, dog treats, and training.  I got one of my dogs micro chipped last year for $5.00, no kidding.  And, almost every booth has something to offer you for free, from treats to dog toys to a doggie massage, I'm telling you if you love spending good quality time with your dogs and your family you can not miss Pet-a-Palooza.

I am super excited to see one of the main attractions this year, The Dock Dogs.  Social Dock Dogs is a group out of Southern California that literally teaches dogs extreme water sports.  And, according to them they can teach any dog, I wonder if they can teach my crazy little Shih Tzu, she has more energy than any dog I've ever owned.   I will definitely be checking out Dock Dogs this year.  But, if involving your K9 friend in water sports is not for you, then no worries.  There are Frisbee competitions, multiple dog shows, and more.  And you can even dress your pooch in your favorite costume and show off your fashionable friend in the fashion show.

But, all fun aside, Pet-a-Pallooza's main objective is to help out our furry friends by raising money and awareness for all the non-profit animal organizations around Las Vegas that cannot continue their work without donations and volunteer from around the valley.  That is the main reason my family and I attend every year.

The 12th Annual Pet-a-Palooza takes place on April 9th at 10:00 am at Star Nursery, beside Sam Boyd Stadium in Henderson.  Tickets are $8.00 at the gate but, if each person brings a can of dog food you will receive $2.00 off each ticket.  Children 3 and under are free.  For more information visit  Hope to see you there!

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