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Its New Years Eve: Do You Know Where Your Network Is?

Like every New Year's Eve, there are a plethora of options when it comes to which TV pals you'll be spending your evening with. So, as we quickly approach that midnight hour, let's take a look and see who'll win the click of your remote the last night of 2010.

Firstly, and arguably the most popular tradition, is Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2011 in Times Square on ABC. Wow... don't try saying that verbose title too close to midnight or you might miss your kiss. If you don't mind watching Seacrest bounce around like a kid on Christmas morning throwing it to Clark slurring through the countdown (unfortunately not due to liquor), then ABC is the place to be starting at 10pm. Fergie will be hosting on the west coast to sweeten the deal.

Also broadcasting from Manhattan's Times Square over on NBC, you'll find our buddy Carson Daly who's hosting his own New Year's Eve special covering all the ludicrousness one might expect when you stick millions of people into eight blocks with a dozen porta potties. Mmm... I can almost smell the urine soaked vendor pretzels already. Of course Daly has his own late night show on NBC which I'm sure you've seen. No? Me neither.

Then if you're more of the reader type that keeps the volume to a minimal decibel set to candlelight while sipping a half a glass of prune juice – badass that you are – will probably want to tune in to PBS which is ringing in the new year with the New York Philharmonic in an all-Tchaikovsky program featuring pianist Lang Lang. Don't worry, it airs at 8:30pm because I suspect this demographic feels staying up past midnight is scandalous and superfluous.

CNN has their own adorable odd couple to spend the eve with if you don't mind curling up with two gay guys. Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffen will be co-hosting on the other side of Times Square so they don't accidentally step on Ryan Seacrest. If this is your pick of the night, I urge you to change the channel during Kayne West's “special” guest appearance because listening to his words of wisdom is no way to enter the new year.

And lastly, we have comedienne Whitney Cummings hosting MTV's New Year's Eve Bash 2011 with – here's a surprise – the cast of the “Jersey Shore.” It has also been reported that Snooki will be lowered in New Jersey like the Times Square ball. But let's face it, MTV dropped the ball on her quite some time ago. Hmm... I feel another drunk and disorderly charge coming before the stroke of twelve.

Well, wherever your TV takes you this New Year's Eve, I'd like to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy holiday. And remember, don't make resolutions you can't keep. I'm sick and tired of Gary Busey promising he's going to stop being creepy this year.

Well, here's my TV pick: Nightclubs here I come! Happy New Year to all and to all a good night!

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