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Irishman Caught With $200,000 Of Cocaine In His Gut

SAO PAULO, Brazil ~ The contents of an Irishman’s stomach could conceivably be pretty unsettling.  Many pints of Guinness, blood pudding, lots of bacon, potatoes and…72 bags of cocaine?

Brazilian police released medical images of an Irishman’s belly that contained 72 capsules of cocaine.  According to MSNBC the drugs are valued at 150,000 euros or $206,780.

The man identified only as P.B.B. was halted in transit from Sao Paulo to Lisbon, Portugal and finally to Brussels, Belgium, said the Irish paper The Independent.

The 20-year-old’s nervous behavior is what tipped off Brazilian airport authorities.  After his odd behavior gave him up he was stopped, inspected and sent from Congonhas airport to Santa Misericordia Hospital, where 830 grams of cocaine was removed from his body.  The details as to exactly how the cocaine was removed remain unknown.

Now P.B.B. stands charged with international drug trafficking and faces up to 15 years in jail.

The Independent reports that more than 70,000 people pass through Sao Paulo’s airport and about five a day are arrested for smuggling drugs.

The insane amount of cocaine in the man’s body is the capstone on a recent number of smuggling scandals including the case of Sorlinda Vega, who arrived in Buenos Aires with 26 packages.

On Sep. 16 Brazil deployed 7,000 troops and 30 warplanes along the 3,500 kilometer (2174 mile) border with Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay reports InfoBae.  The goal of these operations is to halt the flow of drugs and illegal cigarettes into Brazil.

It doesn’t seem that anyone with 72 capsules of cocaine inside of them could put up much of a fight.

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