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High Tech Turkish Morgue Ready For The Dead To Rise

TURKEY ~ A city in rural eastern Turkey is ready in case the dead decide to rise.  The town of Malatya has tricked out its morgue with all the latest advances in resurrection technology.  Really.

While in the US the dead rising might cause one to grab a shotgun and hole up in an abandoned cabin, an ancient fear of bring buried alive caused the populace of Malatya to take a more humane approach to the rising dead, according to MSNBC.

Various electronic gizmos including motion detectors and alarms will allow the people of Malatya to assuage their fears of being buried alive.

Anatolia News interviewed Akif Kayadurmus, the head of cemeteries, who said, “The refrigerator can sense even the slightest movement of the body inside and gives out an alarm.”

The fridge is also outfitted with a mechanism that allows anybody trapped inside to easily open the door and exit.

“If the patient, proclaimed dead by doctors, awakens from a state of unconsciousness, then we consider each and every possibility,” said Kayadurmus.

The new mortuary, with a capacity for 36 bodies, will open within the week.  Other high-tech additions include a lounge, café, and digital screens to allow mourners to witness the Islamic tradition of washing and carefully wrapping the dead.

If being buried alive seems unlikely, check out The Daily Scene’s previous coverage of a South African man who was “dead” for around 24 hours.  In addition, just last week a Brazilian woman was mistakenly sent to her local mortuary, according to AFP.

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