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Handcuffed TX Couple Caught In Sex Act In Back Of Police Car

PORTER, Texas ~ (Houston Press/ 94.5 The Buzz/ The Smoking Gun/) ~ A man and woman en route to jail managed to have oral sex in the back of a deputy's cruiser, despite being handcuffed the whole time.

According to a press statement from Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, a Precinct 4 deputy stopped around 2:00pm at the Whataburger restaurant in Porter, Texas, about 25 miles  north of Houston. To his surprise, he found 30-year-old Howard Keith Windham slapping around an unidentified and unconscious man while 44-year-old Tina Marie Arie, from Porter, looked on. Windham, from New Caney, said the man was his buddy and was knocked out in a pill-induced stupor. The officer searched the unconscious man and found dozens of Soma and hydrocodone pills, then saw Windham drop a Soma tablet under the table; he was searched and had another Soma in his pocket. When the deputy questioned Arie, she admitted to giving the snoozing man some of her stash and the officer later found partially empty pill bottles in her car.

With sufficient evidence, the deputy had the still-unconscious man to a local hospital and arrested Windham for possession of a controlled substance and Arie for delivery of a controlled substance. They were handcuffed, placed in the backseat of his car, and taken to jail. On the way, the story took a turn down Weird Avenue.

Glancing in his rear view mirror, the deputy noticed some unusual movements in the back seat. He then realized he could no longer see Arie. When he asked where she was, she replied that she was tired and had laid her head down in Windham's lap. Either out of concern or just not buying it, the officer pulled over and discovered, "that despite both parties being handcuffed behind their backs, Windham's pants were unfastened and Arie was servicing his exposed genitalia," according to the statement. He ordered the lovebirds to cease sexual contact and continued driving to jail. Two amorous couple are being held, in separate cells, and on felony narcotics charges, but investigators decided to drop the charges of public indecency.

Photo credit: 94.5 The Buzz

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