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Georgia Dog Eats Ten Thousand In Diamonds

ALBANY, Georgia ~ (WALB) ~ $10,000 worth of jewels went missing from a Georgia store.† There was no visible culprit, no fingerprints or DNA evidence.† Police didnít have to look too far to find the thief, turns out it was just a hungry dog.

Honey Bun is the favorite pooch around John Ross jewelers in Albany, Georgia.† Previously the store employed two dogs as its in store mascots, Tiffany and Velvet.† They were so beloved they even appeared in the storeís television commercials.† When the two passed they were replaced with the adorable, tiny Honey Bun.† Honey Bun greets customers and adds and all around cheer to the store.† He also favors high-dollar food.

Co-owner Chuck Roberts said, ďA customer came in, and I jumped out of my chair and came out to wait on him, and I left the chair where he could jump up on my chair, and jump up on my desk.Ē

On the desk lay four packs of loose diamonds, a carat each in size.† When Roberts returned there were only three packs left.

ďWe looked all over and there werenít any diamonds, so immediately I knew heís eaten them.Ē

X-rays confirmed the $10,000 in diamonds in Honey Bunís stomach.† Diamonds arenít visible in x-rays but they do appear as black spots.

The next day, the diamonds were recovered after their trip through the pooch.

Roberts doesnít blame Honey Bun, he says itís his fault for leaving his chair in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Honey Bun was unharmed and continues to enliven John Ross jewelers.

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