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Gary Busey GPS Will leave drivers in Stitches

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --This GPS is driving me Crazy” --Get ready world, announced Thursday that actor Gary Busey has lent his voice to a GPS application that is sure to entertain drivers as they make their daily commute.

In a news release, said drivers and passengers can listen to Gary Busey’s words of wisdom while their GPS calculates their route.

Some of the pearls of wisdom will include Gary saying, 'Do not pet the lions or the gorillas,' or 'Be in the silence and let the journey be in the noise.'"

Continuing along the route, one might hear other unique words of wisdom from Gary such as, 'Don't look into the rear-view mirror to clean your teeth, or you could rear-end a log truck in Oregon and remove your teeth forever.’’

The application available now features 60 hilarious audio clips which can be downloaded instantly to most Garmin nuvi portable GPS devices.

The Busey GPS app works anywhere in the world so you can be entertained by Gary as you speed down the German Autobahn at 120 mph.

NavTones said its celebrity GPS voices are developed using original content and with the purpose of adding enjoyment to the in-vehicle navigation experience.

The 66-year-old Academy Award-nominated actor appeared in the films “The Buddy Holly Story,” “A Star Is Born,” "Silver Bullet,” “Point Break,” “Lethal Weapon,” "Under Siege" and the 1998 film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” based on a book by Hunter S. Thompson.

Busey was a recent stand out on Donald Trump's ABC reality show, "Celebrity Apprentice."

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