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Forbes Reveals Best Paid In Hollywood - Tyler Perry

Forbes magazine has just released a list of the highest paid men in Hollywood.  Some of the answers may surprise you.

Unequivocally the highest paid man in show business is Tyler Perry.  According to Forbes Perry earned $130 million in just one year.  Perry is rolling in cash brought in by his many jobs as a producer, writer, director and actor.  Perry created five films in the last two years, along with his television series Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.  Perry is one of only two actors to appear on the list, the other being Leonardo DiCaprio at the number 8 spot.

At number 2 is Jerry Bruckheimer, who earned $113 million in a year.  He recently had another hit with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Unsurprisingly, Steven Spielberg assumes the number 3 spot, earning $107 million in a year.

Elton John takes number 4, earning $100 million.  His recent tour, in support of his new album The Union, earned $204 million.  It looks like his new son will have nothing to worry about in the monetary funds department.

Other interesting entries include:

The mystery author James Patterson who had 20 best sellers in 2010, and who earned $84 million.

Tiger Woods, who despite controversy and struggles with performance and signing new sponsorship deals remains the best paid sports star.

Howard Stern, remaining “the king of all media” despite renewing his contract with SirusXM with a pay cut, according to analysts.

And finally, the heir to Oprah’s throne, Dr. Phil has created an industry unto himself.  Along with his own popular talk show and its spin-off The Doctors.

Check out Forbes website for the full story:

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