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Floyd Mayweather Jr. UNLEASHED

Undefeated boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was released from the Clark County Detention Center early this week after serving two of the three-month term he was sentenced to from a misdemeanor domestic battery case earlier this year.
Mayweather walked out and was met with TV cameras and questions about his time inside and his plans to resume his boxing career moving forward. His personal physician and lawyers warned the courts a few days into the boxer’s sentence that Mayweather’s health could be at risk because of the food and water, which wouldn't meet Mayweather's dietary needs. Also the lack of exercise space in his cell would threaten his fitness as well.
In a recent picture, Mayweather looked pretty fit as he shared hugs with nearly 20 family members and friends which included rapper 50 Cent, who escorted Mayweather into a blue Bentley dedan before driving off.
While Mayweather was away, the boxing world saw Manny Pacquiao lose his WBO welterweight title June 9 to Timothy Bradley. He also won the Best Figher award at the ESPY Awards last month and was named the world's highest-paid athlete for 2011 by Forbes Magazine also.
Now free, Mayweather’s next opponent hasn’t been announced and he and his manager declined questions about who it could possibly be.
Promoters for Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao, plan to have a fight on Nov. 10 at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas, says Nevada Athletic Commission executive Keith Kizer. Pacquiao's opponent has yet to be named, but Mayweather isn't believed to be on the list of possibilities.

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