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Florida Woman Calls 911 After Getting a Bad Manicure

Cynthia Colson of Winter Park, FL ended up in jail for misuse of the emergency system.  According to Colson, she is shocked, she doesn't know what she did wrong.

After getting her nails done at the Central Salon in Deltona, Florida Mrs. Colson made a phone call to 911 stating that she was charged too much for her nails, they were too short and she was not satisfied.  Shortly after a second call was made, this time Colson said the nail technician had "manhandled her" and had threatened to cut her lip with the nail clippers.  A third call was then made asking why the deputy had still not arrived.  Once the deputy got on the scene he told her she would have to pay for her services and go home, she could not  press charges and there was nothing left to do.  This did not set well with Colson, she then called 911 a fourth time to say she was not happy with the police officer because he was not helping her.

The Deltona police department says "it's not about what she said to 911 it's about misuse of the emergency system".  In Colson's defence she says, "her nails were too long and she couldn't dial the phone properly", which is a total contradiction because she told the dispatcher she was mad because her nails were too short.  The funny thing about this story is that the woman who is 44 years old, has no idea why she was arrested.  She stated that she was "shocked".  Now even my 5 year old knows if you call 911 and its not an emergency you will get in trouble,  let alone four times.  But, it is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last.

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