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Firefighters Putting Out Your Tequila Fire

What happens when you mix together one part Tequila, one part fire truck, two parts hot firefighters, shaken – not stirred – in a Vegas tumbler? You get the Sauza Tequila Mobile Regional Rescue Tour.

LV Weekly reports that the “Make it With a Fireman” booze publicity tour “will stop at Lindo Michoaan (2655 E. Desert Inn Road) from noon-2 p.m. and Diablo’s Cantina at the Monte Carlo from 4-8 p.m.” The whole concept is pretty ironic. I’m not sure what is more dangerous? Running into a burning building… or wearing less protective clothing while trying to put out the hook n’ ladder fantasy fire of a gaggle of Margarita filled Vegas women.

Either way, the report states that, “The fire truck, painted blue to promote Sauza Blue, will be stocked with tequila and sizzling hot fireman, who will come to the rescue of passersby with random acts of kindness, coupons and tips on how to make delicious margaritas that will extinguish the summer heat.”
The story concludes, “…And because firemen look best when flexing, the Sauza crew will also perform such heroics as carrying heavy bags and giving a “lift” to people wearing uncomfortable shoes.”

The job role of ‘firefighter’ really seems to be a lascivious phenomenon. Even though the career has nothing to do with sex – rather saving lives – the firefighter concept always seems to get entangled with fantasy. Why is that? Is it the red hot heat? The big hoses? The sliding down poles? Ringing of the big bell? Whatever it is, I wonder how many of those physically blessed civil servants were standing there at their graduation thinking to themselves, “I did it! I became a fireman. Now I can finally live out my dream of serving drunk chicks margaritas while hanging off the side of my blue truck scantily clad.”

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