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Feast No Famine: Top Vegas Buffets

When it comes to Vegas, it’s a gamble in every sense of the word. It’s feast or famine the entire way. Go big or go home. At the forefront of your now diluted mind, you’re thinking that maybe the house doesn’t always win. So if you’re looking for a win-win situation without the gamble and enough to feast on that always beats the house… hit the buffets whippersnappers!

Recently, put Sin City all-you-can-eat buffets where their mouth is and ranked the top five. “Choosing the top 5 buffets in Las Vegas is tough, but these 5 represent a variety of styles and are constantly ranked highest among patrons,” the report claims.

#5. Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station
According to the article, the best perk of this eat stop is the budget factor. It’s perfect if the casinos didn’t treat you as nicely as you would have wished. No worries, high roller! This buffet is nearly half the price of the others on the Strip with good food yet no lines. Hmm… It’s like a Vegas allusion.

#4. Spice Market Buffet
Easy layout and international selection is what you’ll find at this buffet located inside Planet Hollywood. Plasma televisions and an ice cream bar! How’s that sound, Americans?

#3. Le Village Buffet / Paris
Ah, gay Paris. If you’re looking for France in the continental US, look no farther. You have found le village. It lends an authentic French feel complete with “quaint cobblestone walkways, old-fashioned lamp posts, and soft lighting.” I wonder if France’s surly attitude is a complimentary bonus here as well?

#2. Carnival World Buffet
Located at the Rio, this is the place to go with the kids. They are known for their child-friendly environment and menu and the desserts have gotten much Vegas acclaim. Ironic, huh? The place that has the most kids also has the best sugar. Way to perfect that energy equation!

#1. The Buffet at Bellagio
The B@B! The Bellagio Buffet is probably the most well known buffet in town. You may recall the Griswold Family making an appearance there in the 1997 comedy movie ‘Vegas Vacation.’ Overall, the food is fantastic according to guests… but most agree, the desserts, much like sex with Tom Cruise, looks better than it tastes.

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