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FDA Urged to Pull Menthol Cigarettes From Shelves

For years now people have said menthol cigarettes were better for you than regular cigarettes, at least that what people who smoke them said.  But, now there are scientific facts to prove those people wrong.  According to the FDA menthol cigarettes are the most dangerous product made by tobacco companies.

With 45% of smokers age 12 to 17 using menthol  products and an astonishing 85% of African American smokers favoring the minty tobacco, menthol cigarettes and smokeless tobaccos are the industries biggest seller.(2009 National Survey on Drugs and Health).  The tobacco industry would have you believe that there are absolutely no evidence to prove that menthol cigarettes are more hazardous to your health but, now there is proof.  So, if you smoke, please read on.

Ellen Vargyas of the American Legacy Foundation does not agree with big tobacco saying, "Over 80% of African-American smokers smoke menthol, and African-America smokers have the highest rates of lung cancer.   We also know African-Americans with lung cancer are more likely to die from lung cancer."  She also adds, that with its minty refreshing taste menthol is a favorite among young and new smokers.  And, while it is illegal for tobacco industries to add candy like flavors such as cinnamon, cloves, or vanilla to their products, it is allowed to add mint and other "refreshing like" flavors.

All this evidence is new and very compelling and if it were up to anti smoking organizations there would be a ban on all tobacco products but, that is not the way it works.  People are still free to smoke, even if it kills them.  The trials are going on right now and could last for years and honestly, I don't see a ban on menthol cigarettes happening.  Hopefully, maybe if people read this and do some investigating on their own they may decide to either quit smoking or to never start in the first place.

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