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Fallen Dogs On The Rise

“Support our troops” is a phase heard all of the US, but what does it mean? Does it mean to support those faces we see on television and in the headlines of national newspapers? Or does it mean something a little bit more?  It means to be appreciative and remember that this service is one that saves lives, by all those in service for the US, human or canine. does just that, and with a historic twist. From current stories of dogs that have performed extraordinarily to serve their country or community, to those who have made their mark in history, covers them all. Leslie Green, the creator of the site encourages people to send in stories and pictures of amazing canine friends who have served and protected all over the world, so that can feature and honor these uplifting stories. She has received an overwhelming response in submission and comments, and rightly so.

With their parent site and company Mutt Mitts, (innovative and environmentally conscious pet waste disposal) gives proceeds from every sale to aid in the benefit of their Canine Angel’s group. However, allow the customer the choice of three organizations within the Canine Angels group, or have their donations divided evenly amongst all charities patronized by Mutt Mitts and

The site is simply a great read with many unheard stories about canines in the line of duty. These furry friends act with instinct, bravery and valor, whether it is to protect their compatriots or their own home, and ask only love and maybe a tasty snack in return. Having only launched at the end of May 2011 this site is gaining momentum fast and fans by the hundreds and when visiting the site it is easy to see why. A definite site to check out and learn some US history that otherwise would go untaught.

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