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Facebook vs. Gmail: Come On Guys, Play Nice

If Gmail was a person, and Internet forecasters were police, they'd probably suggest that Google get a restraining order against Facebook and fast!

Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced plans to unveil a new free email platform to its users dubbed "Project Titan". I know this is email we're talking about, but tell me that doesn't sound redolent of war? Matt Cain, a Silicon Valley-based research analyst recently told the San Jose Mercury News, "There is a huge opportunity for these guys to fundamentally change the nature of e-mail. Most notably, due to the fact that 90 percent of adults in America frequently check their e-mails, though only 59 percent of them use social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.

Since Facebook has been entirely unwilling to let their users import contacts into Gmail accounts, Google fired back by disabling the feature that would allow the stream in the other direction exporting contacts into Facebook.

Here's the nitty-gritty in numbers: Internationally, Microsoft's Hotmail and Yahoo are in the lead when it comes to subscribers with 362 million and 273 million users respectively compared to Gmail's 193 million users. (CBS News)

The whole thing boils down to being nothing more than a mega-billion dollar pissing contest. We've all heard the theory that proves to be true in most instances that when businesses compete, the consumer wins. However, that doesn't seem to hold water in this particular case. If these media giants continue to take cheap shots at one another by disabling features that would allow us to merge social networks, it will result in the absorption of more of our time, once again, removing us even farther from the real world. Remember that place? To refresh your memory, it was this thing called society, where in order to update your status, it required you to talk to a fellow human being... but that was way back when we all had an acceptable level of social skills.

Is there really a huge problem with having multiple web platforms and options for users rather than one monopoly dominating email as we know it? If you ask me, this is merely a chauvinistic struggle as to who has the bigger d*ck. I guess that's inevitable when negotiating with a 25 year old billionaire. As for you Mark, unfortunately, Google has you beat in the innuendo department. Let's face it... I'd opt to get Googled sooner than Zuckerberged. Just sayin'.

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