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Facebook To Debut It's First Feature Film

On Oct. 1st the popular social networking site Facebook will launch its first film on Flicklaunch, a new online movie distribution outlet.

Flicklaunch has positioned itself as a tool for indie filmmakers to distribute content without large overhead costs.  It is the first global distribution platform to be built on Facebook and claims it will  provide “a truly social movie experience for you and your Facebook friends.”

Flicklaunch will provide incentives for “liking” movies and suggesting them to one’s Facebook friends.  Once one has gathered enough viewers, they will earn the “Executive Producer” title, which will allow for further incentives.

The first film to be distributed in this manner will be The Perfect House, an indie horror anthology film, just in time for Halloween.  The film’s Facebook page outline’s the film as follows:

Not every house was meant to be a home. Some houses are just born bad. The Perfect House franchise is the story of such a house…the franchise tells separate segments of a seemingly perfect home…Adding to this unique franchise are the different styles that each installment is shot in and the original way each film connects together…Filmed as an homage to horror, every story is shot with the horror influences of the time period that each home owner occupies the house.

The film was written and directed by Kris Hulbert.

Other companies that have tested the Facebook waters include Warner Brothers, who made The Dark Knight available for streaming; and recently Miramax, who added their own social media app called Ooyala.

What sets Flicklaunch and The Perfect House apart is that they are the first to offer brand-new, never before seen content on Facebook.

Check out the trailer here:

The Perfect House

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