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Facebook Party Spins Out Of Control When Girl Invited Everyone

BERLIN, Germany ~ (Bildam Sonntag/AP) ~ A German girl who mistakenly set her Facbook party invitation to "Everyone" had to flee from her own party after more than a thousand people showed up.

The 16-year-old girl, identified only as Thessa, wanted to invite some of her friends to a party at her parents' home in Hamburg-Bramfeld, but her Facebook invite was accidentally set so it was available to everyone on the social media website. The invitation quickly went viral, with over 15,000 people confirming they would attend, without even knowing the girl, according to the Bildam Sonntag weekly newspaper. When Thessa's parents found out what was going on, they made their daughter cancel the party, informed the police and hired a private security firm to protect their home on the night of June 3rd.

Police spokesman Mirko Streiber said that despite public announcements made in Hamburg about the cancellation of the party, around 1,500 teenagers and young adults showed up on the street in front of Thessa's house. Around 100 policemen, some on horses, were on hand for crowd control. Strieber told the Associated Press that eleven people were detained, several girls in flip-flop sandals cut their feet on broken glass, firefighters had to extinguish two small fires and one police officer was injured when he tried to stop a party reveler from breaking off the insignia on his Mercedes-Benz patrol car.

Streiber summed up the night with a laugh, saying, "mostly the party was a hit. It was sheer insanity but mostly peaceful." Some partygoers held up signs reading "Where Is Thessa?", others brought birthday presents and homemade cakes, there was lots of alcohol and the crowd chanted, "Thessa celebrating a birthday is not a crime," in reaction to the massive police presence. As for Thessa, she was nowhere to be seen. Police reported that she was not at home that night and quietly celebrated her birthday evening with her grandparents at an undisclosed location.

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