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Face The Ace NBC Poker Game Show Gives Players A Chance At $1 Million

Face The Ace NBC new poker game show places online hopefuls against professional poker players for big dollars. Steve Shirripa will be the host of Face the Ace game show. He is a series regular on the acclaimed HBO drama "The Sopranos." The hostess for the show is Megan Abrigo who is a Deal or No Deal case girl.


Lucky contestants will be found via an online search who then will play poker against pro players in Las Vegas, Nevada for a chance at $1 million. The premiere show will air August 1 and 8th at 9 p.m. The regular time slot will start in September during Saturday afternoons. The same production company, Poker Prods., produces the popular NBC show, Poker After Dark.

Lucky poker contestants will be pitted in a showdown against pro poker players in Las Vegas. The show starts with four pro poker players hidden behind doors. A contestant will choose one of those doors and then play heads-up no-limit Hold ‘Em against a poker pro opponent. If the contestant wins his first match, he can decide to leave with the winnings or risk those money and play against another pro for a larger pot. If he wins again, he can go home or play against a third pro for a chance at $1 million. But if they lose, they leave empty handed.

Seven episodes of Face The Ace have been picked up by NBC. If popular with the viewing audience the timeslot could move to primetime on Saturdays. Typically, that time period has had difficulty finding an original idea. is helping with the production of the show and qualifying tournaments. Online winners will then be flown to Las Vegas for the Face The Ace appearance.

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