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Ex-Con, Former Louisiana Governor Weds Woman 52 Years Younger

New Orleans, Louisiana ~ (Associated Press) ~ 84-year-old former Louisiana Governor and federal criminal Edwin Edwards married a woman 52 years his younger in an elegant New Orleans wedding.

The couple met while Edwards was serving time for bribery and extortion in connection with riverboat casino licensing.

Why Trina Grimes Scott contacted Edwards in prison remains a mystery.  Eventually the correspondence progressed into visits on weekends.  Edward’s fellow inmates enjoyed Scott’s visits as well.  According to Edwards, “the prison was in love with her – they used to watch her walk across the parking lot.”

Edwards served as Governor four times in his career between the 1970’ and 1990’s.  Prior to his more major crimes in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Edwards received illegal campaign contributions in the 1970’s.  In 1976 it was discovered Edwards had been involved in “Koreagate,” accepting bribes from South Korean rice broker Tongsun Park in exchange for favorable policies.  Even so, Edwards made a political comeback before being indicted in 1998 for racketeering and extortion.  He was found guilty and imprisoned in federal prison in 2002.  By July 2011, he was a free man once again, after serving six months in home detention and reporting to a Baton Rouge safehouse.

Leaving the ceremony the new Mrs. Edwards remained silent, letting the former politician do all the talking.  When asked how he was fortunate enough to snag such a younger bride Edwards stated, “People who don’t know me don’t know what a wonderful, pleasant, modest fellow I am.”

Photo Credit: AP/Cheryl Gerber

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