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Elizabeth Edward Dies After Long Battle With Cancer

Just one day after announcing to the public that she was stopping all treatments for cancer as advised by her doctors, who informed her that she only had several weeks to live, her health quickly deteriorated.  On December 7th Edwards passed away in her Chapel Hill home surrounded by friends and family including her estranged husband, former presidential candidate John Edwards.

Elizabeth had been battling breast cancer since 2004 when she was first diagnosed.  She was in remission from the disease until 2007 when she announced that her cancer had returned, but was hopeful that she would once again beat it.  But just days ago her family made a statement saying that the cancer had spread to her liver and there was nothing more doctors could do for her.

Edwards spent the much of her time working on The Wade Edwards Foundation and was famously known in the Gay and Lesbian community's for public disagreeing with her husband and supporting same sex marriages.  She became an advocate for the group in 2007.  Edwards was thought very highly of by many top ranking officials in Washington and through out the country including President Obama.  The President and First Lady said they were, "deeply saddened".  In a statement released by the President he said, "In her life, Elizabeth Edwards knew tragedy and pain. Many others would have turned inward; many others in the face of such adversity would have given up. But through all that she endured, Elizabeth revealed a kind of fortitude and grace that will long remain a source of inspiration. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends".

Edwards was 61 years old.

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