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Drunken Canadian Man Struck by Train, Stumbles Away

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan ------ A Canadian man is lucky to be alive after being struck and thrown into the air by a freight train in Saskatoon on Wednesday.

Police say Leonard Nickelray, 29, was walking home along the tracks around 2 a.m. Wednesday listening to his iPod at high volume following a night of heavy drinking,

The Canadian Pacific train's engineer sounded his powerful horn several times, but Nickelray didn't hear it and was struck and thrown into the air away from the tracks, an unidentified witness told police.

Soon after, police spotted Nickelray walking a block away "in an intoxicated state," the newspaper said.

The Canadian man was taken to a hospital where doctors found only bumps and bruises.

"I'm fine, you know. Not even a limp," he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

"I believe that I was supernaturally protected, you know?" Nickelray said

Nickelray said he has no memory of being struck by the large freight train.

He may have survived the train, but Nickelray isnít completely out of the woods.

Because the train had to stop for 90 minutes while railway officials investigated, Nickelray could face trespassing charges, according to the CBC.

Meanwhile, Nickelray says his misfortune should serve as a reminder to iPod users everywhere.

"Don't play your music too loud ... and remember that God's watching out for you."

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