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DJ vs DJ: The Community of Crowd Control Featuring CC the DJ

DJ CC took her love, passion and creativity for music and turned it into a beloved career as a DJ. Spinning for Tao Group in Las Vegas, as well as other clubs, pools, private events, and lounges, she has also begun to take the clubs in other cities by storm. She's a skilled and versatile open-format DJ and knows how to bring great energy to any type of party. You will hear her playing all types of music, specializing in hip hop, top 40, house and mash ups. I got a chance to talk to the rapidly rising star DJ about her style, her good looks and what’s next for the “spinstress”…

…you want these people to respect you because you're a great DJ....a great DJ who has great boobs :) ” - CC the DJ

Brjden Crewe:
When did DJing go from a hobby, to something you wanted to pursue as a career?

CC the DJ:
After I put in a lot of work and comprehended what I was actually trying to do, I just knew. All my life I wasn't only in love with music, I was obsessed with it. It was something I enjoyed more than anything, and using my creativity with my music knowledge became the perfect combination.
Just as important as the music knowledge and skill are, I think it’s equally important to understand the concept of a room full of ears, which is understanding what the people want to hear rather than trying to make them understand what you're playing. Obtaining that skill gave me the confidence to turn a hobby into a career but in all honestly, it wasn't easy. Now I'm playing at Lavo, STK, Lily, various pools, and in other cities and it trips me out because I can now definitely appreciate everything I've learned and experienced.

BC: Do you mix on the fly or do you go in to a party with a set game plan of what you feel like the crowd will respond to and stick with it?

CC: Both. I organize music by different types of sets so I feel more prepared, but usually end up mixing on the fly once things start flowing with the crowd.

BC: Do you plan on moving in to some producing? What are some of the goals that you have in the future?

CC: Producing is something I've definitely been interested in but writing lyrics and rapping is something I'm a lot more passionate about, so that being said, I want to start rapping again. I used to record a little bit here and there, but just as a hobby. Now I'd like to have some fun with it again, but actually make something of it. Especially since I understand what type of music works and what doesn't. I might try, I might fail. But at least I tried right :)

BC: Any crazy, drunk pool stories you've seen that you'd like to share?

CC: There really isn't too many drunken crazy pool stories that I have to share. Typically we have a bird-eye view from the DJ booth though so we catch a lot of people slipping and falling. I think drunks falling are pretty funny! They look so confused after it happens.

BC: You're a beautiful woman (obviously). Have you had any experiences you want to share where men have questioned your abilities as a DJ and you proved them wrong?

CC: I don't want to be too specific, but yes this has happened countless times in some places more than others. It actually has its own little typical routine that happens when you have a gig outside of Vegas and a guy DJ is opening for you. Before they hear you spin, some of the men like to act all big and bad and macho like being a DJ is a "Penis Only" club! Their attitudes can be super bitter and they'll talk to you like you should be at home, standing in the kitchen making dinner for them, rather than being on the decks and on the mic in a club. Then after they hear you spin its like "Wow CC you're so dope, let's be best friends". Being a female in the DJ world seems like it makes it easier for bookings and such, but it's tougher because you don't want to be perceived as just the face and boobs, you want these people to respect you because you're a great DJ....a great DJ who has great boobs :)

BC: LOL!! So what's next for CC once the pools shut down in the fall?

CC: Sleep! Just kidding. Travel! How does a little CC tour sound?

This word association is simple. Just quickly give me your first thoughts on these phrases…

Your hometown: Go Broncos

Favorite thing to do when you're not spinning:

DJ Mika Gold: Goofy

Favorite song on the radio right now:
Titanium and Mercy

Dream music collaboration: Anything with Lil Jon. Even if he just used me as a one-word background vocal, I would be so happy.

Pools or clubs? (which one do you enjoy spinning at more): How about a club with a pool in it?

"Las Vegas club DJs are...." : FUN

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