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Demi Lovato Tries to Make Amends For Violence

Poor Demi—not only is she dealing with rehab, but now it looks like she’ll have to shell out some cash for her misdeeds against back-up singer Alex Welch.

Welch’s attorney Donald Karpel told press that Demi’s representation were in the process of moving towards an agreement.
To be fair, Welch’s terms don’t seem unreasonable: “Alex is seeking a settlement, an apology from Demi and a donation made to a charity of her choice,” Karpel told the press.

Karpel seemed optimistic, also saying that he “has faith that we will reach an amicable settlement.”

Welch has also seems to be cooperating with Lovato’s people as well. Originally, the dancer and former friend of Lovato was scheduled to do an exclusive interview with some other media outlets on Tuesday. Lovato’s representation stepped in, however, and asked Welch to put the interview on hold while the case was being negotiated.

The back up dancer, 21, who ended up with a black eye through all of this, only said “I hope to get this settled and put this behind me.”

We’re hoping both ladies are able to move past this, and onward and upwards. Here’s to some healing for everyone!

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